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This is a place where opinion is supported by fact. If you are looking for rambling diatribe to feed your prejudices go somewhere else.

Looking around for the next target


Imagine you are the head of strategy for ISIS. A key matter awaiting your attention is the decision on which front you should direct your disciples so as to facilitate their desire to copulate with 72 ethereal virgins. Luckily for you a target has raised its head above the parapet, almost asking to be the one. Read more…


To what end


Barcelona, Manchester, Paris, Nice the list of attacks goes on and on. No one is surprised or shocked any more, just saddened wishing it would all end and the leadership of the terrorists brought to justice. Read more…

What happens to the EU after Brexit?


Much attention has been paid to the opening salvos of the Brexit negotiation as to who said what. Those MPs, journalists and judges who clamoured for Theresa May to give more details of the UK’s requirements from the negotiation can now appreciate the damage they have done. By revealing the most important elements of what the UK was looking for, its opening position was revealed. This has allowed the EU bureaucracy several weeks to consider what their opening stance should be, throwing in Gibraltar and more. Read more…

Women’s March in DC


The women’s march and the inauguration were, in a way, concurrent symbols of what is great about America.First, there was the peaceful transfer of power, and the celebration of this country’s free and fair elections. Then, there were those who were unhappy with the results of that election, letting their voices be heard on issues that are important to them. Read more…

The Hypocrisy is Mind-Blowing


President Trump has issued and executive order barring citizens from seven Muslim Majority countries from entering the United States for the next ninety days and suspended the admission of refugees for 120 days. This is in line with his campaign promise and that he would seek, during this time, to ‘reform the US immigration system’, which everyone admits is out of control.

Read more…

American Jewish Congress sends gratitude to UK Government for refusing to sign comminque of Paris Peace Conference


American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen and Vice President Dr. Munr Kazmir released the following statement:

“On behalf of the American Jewish Congress, we would like to express our gratitude to the Government of the United Kingdom for its strong and principled diplomatic efforts to stand with Israel and the Jewish community. By choosing not to sign the communique of the Paris Peace Conference, which was negotiated without the presence of either party involved in the conflict, the British Government has made a clear policy decision. This choice continues a process that began with the Prime Minister’s speech after UN Security Resolution 2334, and the UK is now looking to prevent unfair and inappropriate conduct towards Israel. This is particularly important during the final days of the presidential transition period in the United States, when we know that the incoming administration has indicated a very different approach to the incumbent. Read more…

Thank you note to Senator Schumer and Senate Democrats


I would like to thank New York Senator Charles Schumer for his professionalism and grace in helping to move along the confirmations of General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense and General John Kelly as the head of Homeland Security. Read more…