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This is a place where opinion is supported by fact. If you are looking for rambling diatribe to feed your prejudices go somewhere else.

They do it, because it works!


Munich, North Bavaria, Norfolk, Nice, Istanbul, Brussels, Paris, Toulouse and Dijon to name but a few. The location of terrorist atrocities, actual and planned, grows ever longer at an accelerating rate, particularly in Europe. The media, politicians and the public demand an answer to a simple question – WHY? Read more…

Institutionally Racist?


Let’s be clear – crystal clear.

Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews. It is the hatred of a people, of a race, not for their beliefs, but for whom they are. It is the hatred of Jews because they are Jews. It is holding them responsible for evil without any substantive evidence. It is to make them the centre of conspiracies of enslavement of the rest of the world and the instigators of unspeakable collusions. It is race hatred in its purest form. Read more…

Play the ball? No-way!


Hitler was a Zionist!

Lefty Kenny said it in front of the cameras and the world saw, heard and gasped. Not true a multitude screamed at their television sets. Not true a group of journalist bravely proclaimed. Not true a coterie of bloggers blogged, citing all the reasons why it is a lie. Read more…

The Godfathers of Modern Day Terrorism


In 1967 following acts of war by Egypt which spread very quickly to include the combined forces of Syria, Jordan and Iraq; Israel fought the defensive Six Day War which resulted in the capture of the West Bank and Gaza and most importantly East Jerusalem. The latter served to reunite the city allowing Jews access to their holy sites including the Western (Wailing Wall) from which they had been ethnically cleansed and excluded on pain of death by the Jordanian rulers. Read more…

A Tale of Wolves and Locusts


Paris – the barbarians have torn down your gates and the marauding wolves feed in your beautiful avenues. A massive cloud is gathering and locust-like it spreads over all the land.


Read more…

Four Point Plan for Resolving the Refugee Crisis


Why the sudden upsurge in the numbers of people wishing to claim a home in Europe? I was going to write a blog to address this question but I find it has been more adequately and eloquently answered by another, Guy Bechor (,7340,L-4708651,00.html)   His words are worth a few minutes of your time.

Guy tells us why the crisis occurred but not how it can be resolved. Read more…

War Crimes


Is there any more aggravating individual than the one who says ‘I told you so’? This statement signals condescension, superiority and self-importance all at the same time. Nevertheless I will make the statement – I told you so. Read more…